Capturing people at their best begins with a friendly and comfortable environment.

When you want a portrait of yourself, a couple, or your family, think of a place where you will be most comfortable. It could be a favorite local park or outdoor setting. Being comfortable helps you relax; when you're relaxed the process of being the subject of a photograph can be fun and exciting.

Many people are concerned with clothing and make-up; my best advice is to choose clothing that's simple and timeless. Always try and avoid plaids, prints or bright colors; stay with solid mild earth tone colors. Further, I do not recommend wearing band tee shirts or other logo tees. Holiday attire or formal clothes are fine, but have a tendency to date the image quickly.

Bringing a change of clothes is always a good idea. Try dressing in layers to make changing easier.

Make-up should be applied normally, or as you would apply it if you were going to work or a casual party.

If you have any questions on clothing for your portrait, please bring them to my attention prior to the setting.

If weather becomes an issue, I may suggest alternate dates or locations.

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