Will you or someone else photograph my wedding? -
I am your primary photographer. I do have a back-up photographer, but he mostly assists when receptions exceed 300 guests

What kind of equipment do you use? Do you have back-ups? -
I photograph using two 8.2 mega pixel cameras that photographs both RAW and JPEG simultaneously. The JPEG is used for your proofs. I will edit and print from the RAW file, due to its unsurpassed quality.

How do you plan to photograph after the ceremony or at the reception? -
If you choose me to photograph your wedding, I will send you a small homework sheet that makes it easy to identify your close family and friends for the altar photographs. The homework sheet will also outline important groupings and individuals, so that during the reception I can capture those people without interfering with you or your enjoyment of the reception.

Can other people photograph your poses or groupings? -
Yes, as long as they allow me to photograph first. I ask this because if others are grabbing the attention of people in the group, some may be looking away when my image is captured. Nothing is more distracting in a photograph than to have some people looking away while most are looking into the camera. An important note on 'snap-shooting', though it does not matter to me who else takes a photo, it may to you. 'Snap-shooting' slows down the formal altar photos. If this is fine with you, then it's fine with me, just an important consideration you may wish to make.