What are my album choices? -
All my wedding packages come complete with a finished album. There are many choices to make when deciding on an album, colors range from white, black and grey to burgundy and blue. We will review the many choices after you have chosen the photos for your album.

How long does it take to receive my finished album? -
Typically, between 4 and 8-weeks after I receive and place your order.

Can I purchase the digital files? -
Yes. Digital files can be purchased beginning at $400, depending on the package selected. The price will be reduced $100 at each anniversary until they reach $100. As an example: Year 1 the price is $400, Year 2 the price drops $100 to $300, Year 3 the price drops an additional $100 to $200, etc. The price will not drop below $100.

Once I book my wedding with you will my price change? -
No. Once you book with me, the package you purchased will not go up in price. However if you wait beyond one year after your wedding date to finalize your order, there may be a $40 surcharge for each year after your wedding/event date.

Do you accept Credit Cards? -
Yes. However, only through the on-line site "PayPal". Use of paypal will be charged a modest 2% surcharge in addition to the amount you will be paying.