What happens if I need you longer at my event or reception? -
Most of my packages allow for full coverage of most wedding receptions. In the event that schedules are shifted, a $75/hour fee may apply. I typically show up early and if it is time for me to leave, and something that you would like photographed hasn't happened yet, I'll stay the few minutes necessary without charging.

How will I select the pictures I want printed? -
The images will be processed for web delivery in about two business days after your wedding. A DVD will be available about four days after your date. The web link will be sent to you via E-mail. This link will be available only to you. If you choose, you can forward it to anybody you wish. The DVD is perfect for viewing on your home TV and some computers. Your home TV will allow for the images to be larger. The DVD is yours to keep.

Who selects the photos that appear in my album? -
You do. I photograph up to 800 images for most digital weddings. From those you will select your favorites. You will tell me which you want and what size you would like them to be. Your finished album will be a collection of your favorite photos and will be unique to your event.

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